Express Entry

Navigating the Express Entry system is a crucial step for skilled professionals seeking to obtain Canadian permanent residence. At Nobility Canada Immigration Services, we had the privilege of assisting Mr. Johnson, a skilled professional from the United States, in his successful journey through the Express Entry program.

Immigration Advisor: Shahrukh Naseer (R530149)

  • Category:Permanent Residence
  • Date:September 5, 2023
  • Client:Mr. Johnson
  • About This Case

    Mr. Johnson's path to Canadian permanent residence through the Express Entry program presented both opportunities and challenges.

    As a skilled worker with aspirations of building a career in Canada, he sought expert guidance to navigate the competitive immigration process and secure his place in the Canadian workforce.
  • Challenge

    Mr. Johnson faced several challenges on his journey through the Express Entry program, including:

    • Meeting the minimum eligibility requirements for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.
    • Obtaining a competitive Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA).
    • Navigating the complex application process and ensuring accuracy and completeness of documentation.
  • Our Process

    • Initial Assessment (January 2023)

      We conducted a comprehensive evaluation of Mr. Johnson's qualifications and assessed his eligibility for the Express Entry program.

    • Profile Creation (February 2023)

      Our team assisted Mr. Johnson in creating an Express Entry profile, optimizing his CRS score to maximize his chances of receiving an ITA.

    • Document Preparation (March-April 2023)

      We guided Mr. Johnson through the process of gathering and organizing all required documentation, including educational credentials, language test results, and work experience certificates.

    • ITA Submission (May 2023)

      Mr. Johnson received an ITA based on his competitive CRS score and promptly submitted his application for permanent residence to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

    • Follow-Up and Documentation Updates (June-August 2023)

      Throughout the processing period, we maintained regular communication with IRCC and ensured timely submission of any requested documentation or updates.

    • Approval and Celebration (September 5, 2023)

      Mr. Johnson's application for Canadian permanent residence was approved, marking a significant milestone in his immigration journey.

  • Result

    Thanks to our collaborative efforts and Mr. Johnson's determination, he successfully obtained Canadian permanent residence through the Express Entry program. Today, he is thriving in his career as a skilled professional in Canada, contributing his expertise to the country's workforce and embracing new opportunities for growth and advancement.